Who is Mikaela Danvers?

✓ Qualified designer for 10 years

✓ Passionate about small business

✓ Dedicated to providing authentic branding solutions

✓ Website nerd for 16 years

Run by qualified designer and teacher Mikaela Danvers, Danvers Creative offers specialist web design and brand identity solutions for small business owners, bloggers and entrepreneurs Australia wide since 2005.

I am passionate about branding and web design, especially for small business owners who may just be starting out – or may have been in business for a few years but have not had any professional branding done – I want your messaging to be super clear with every touchpoint to your potential customers hitting the right mark.

My services are of a boutique nature, catering to each individual client’s needs. I take into account your business history, placement in the current market, your target audience, design trends (to steer away from!), your business values and your plans for the future. I then go through the entire design process step by step, researching, developing concepts, evaluating, refining the design until we have a successful outcome that will last the test of time and be a shining example of everything you put into your own work.

If you want a unique design solution that represents your brand authentically, to appeal to your most ideal customers, I can help.